Building A Children’s Abilities With Enriching Programs

By granting children enriching learning opportunities like Infant Care Programs and art workshops and by providing them with a nurturing and secure environment, KLA Schools promotes the building of their interests and skills.

The children of today are the tomorrow’s future. If they have to thrive in their life in their coming years, they will have to first become thoughtful, independent and conscious. To realize this, they need to be nurtured properly from a pretty early age.

Traditional schooling methods do not focus upon building students’ skills, personalities and creativity. So individuals passing out of schools lack any interests or creativity. They do not have the direction and fortitude for dealing with the rigors of life. Such a state of affairs in the traditional schools has distressed the educators working towards proper human development. To shape the life of individuals in a better way, their nurturing should begin from their early years.

KLA Schools has genuinely felt this need of individuals and has already commenced working in this direction. It has adopted an innovative approach for fostering learning among children in their preschool years. To promote exploration and discovery in them, it grants them enriching learning opportunities like Walnut Creek Infant Care Programs and art workshops and provides them with a nurturing and safe environment.

Art workshops conducted at KLA Schools let children express their creativity. Here they experience and explore various things playfully and interactively. The stimulating look and feel of the classrooms where art workshops are held, motivates children to express their creativity in a spontaneous manner. Availability of various tools and materials in the classrooms makes children eager to explore and experience them. This enhances their understanding and knowledge about them. The classrooms’ nurturing environment helps to bring the best out of children.

Innovative programs at Daycare Walnut Creek enable children’s participation in various meaningful, fun-filled and engaging activities for building their social, physical, emotional and cognitive abilities. They perform them under the guided supervision of trained instructors. The careful documentation of their activities lets children revisit and reconstruct their ideas, understandings and experiences later. The documentation gives parents knowledge about their child’s learning process.

KLA Schools’ teachers act as observers, co-learners, facilitators and researchers while nurturing children. This is a sharp contrast to a traditional school’s teachers who force students to learn which hinders their individuality and creativity. But at KLA Schools, teachers foster understanding and creativity in the children by letting them respond naturally to situations and settings. They merely observe and guide them instead of providing them instructions or answering questions which they could answer themselves. So they can open up and express their ideas freely. This helps to improve their cognition and understanding. Parents also play an active role in their child’s learning at KLA Schools.

By granting children innovative learning opportunities like art workshops and Infant Care Programs and by providing them with a nurturing environment, KLA Schools promotes the building of their interests and skills. Here teachers, parents and the community collaborate for their development. Its quality learning will have a positive impact on the children’s life as they grow up. So they can become thoughtful, conscious and respectable citizens of tomorrow and can lead a thriving life in their coming years.