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Why your mental health determines your academic success

Many times, a student may not be willing to disclose whether they have mental health issues. At that age in life, all students want to do is fit in. No one wants to be the outsider, or even worse, the “psycho”. Regardless of how mild or aggressive their condition is, most students would want to hide it from their teachers and their friends as well

This poses a problem because without this information, there is hardly any hope for help for such students. It is also impossible to get accurate statistics on the reality of mental health for young people when none of them are willing to reveal the truth about their conditions.

Now, why is mental health important for educational success? Why must a student go out of his or her way to inform their teacher or administration about their condition? You can look essay writers online and here are a few important reasons why;

  • The stigma surrounding mental illness must be dealt with head on and not avoided

Even outside school, there is a stigma attached to mental illness. Students need to be able to understand that regardless of age, gender or race, the stigma is real and there is only a limited amount of time during which they can avoid this. By being open about it, they help combat the stigma.

  • Mental illness is better diagnosed and treated sooner rather than later

Young people are at the best age to deal with mental illness. According to research, early treatment gives a better chance of full or at least partial recovery. Students who hide their situation may not get the chance to be treated fully.

  • Mental health goes hand in hand with academic performance.

Academics require mental stability. It is impossible to do exams without peace of mind. Everyone is interested in seeing students perform well but this cannot be a reality unless mental health issues are dealt with. Unless mental health issues are addressed, students may not feel motivated; they may be unable to concentrate and may have a harder time learning.

  • Teachers are uniquely positioned to assist students who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Teachers are more than mere educators. They are adults whom children are entrusted to, they are role models for students and most of all they are expected to provide a safe haven for all students who they are in charge of. Their responsibility is made even greater by the fact that they spend more than half the year with these students. If there is anyone best positioned to be of help, it is the teacher.

Students must never hesitate to approach their teachers for help with mental health issues. Silence is dangerous in this case and may only result in making an already bad situation worse.

While the schools can make many efforts to ensure that it is easy for students to be open about their mental health, at the end of the day students need to take it upon themselves to seek help in order to ensure educational success.