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5 companies that support children

You know the money you spend has an impact on the world, but it’s hard to tell how we can make that impact positive. One big way is to support companies that do great things for children. They are the future, after all. These five companies sell stuff you need anyway, and when you give them your money, they turn around and help kids in need.

Famous Footwear

You can support the March of Dimes and get some great shoes out of the deal. Famous Footwear raises more than $1.5 million for the nonprofit each year just through donations from its employees. Famous, along with Saucony, are the official shoe sponsors of the March for Babies by selling special shoes that support the nonprofits. Also, Famous Footwear’s parent company, Caleres, raises money for the organizations. Since 1997, the company has raised more than $19 million.

Best Buy

When you get a new computer—or anything else, actually—at Best Buy, you’re helping the company bring technology into classrooms. Best Buy has given more than $13 million to bring interactive technology into schools through its Best Buy Teach Awards.


Speaking of technology, the hardware giant Apple gives wireless laptops to K-12 students through its 1 to 1 Learning program. They also offer free content, such as lesson plans and curriculum to K-12 teachers. We always knew teachers liked apples, right?


This hardware giant funds school improvement projects through its Toolbox for Education program. Lowe’s has given grants worth up to $5,000 to thousands of public schools since 2006. It also has partnered with International Paper and National Geographic Explorer! Magazine to provide grants to provide hands-on, natural science experiences.


Target encourages its credit card-holding customers to donate 1 percent of the money they spend in the retail stores to its Take Charge of Education fundraising program. Target also fund field trips through its Target Field Trip Grants Program. Since the program’s launch in 2006, it has donated hundreds of millions through the program.